Commissioned Painting Sketches

I am currently working on three painting for Tracie of her three youngest girls. Tracie is working on a new build out for the most amazing room for the three girls. Check out the photo on the bottom right hand corner; there is an alcove that is painted bright fuchsia (so awesome!) which is where these painting will hang. These are only *extremely* rough sketches, but I think that they are going to turn out so adorable!

Too Legit, Too Legit to Quit!

Tracie e-mailed me this morning to let me know that I was featured as a favorite etsy find on modeco kids. Her e-mailed was titled "OH MY WORD!!! OH MY WORD!!! OH MY WORD!!!" And OH MY WORD is right!! I leaped out of my chair at work to do my happy dance, those who know me know exactly what I am talking about! Modeco kids is a totally awesome blog all about kiddos and neat things for them. And somehow they found me!

As if that couldn't be enough excitement for one day, I then received an e-mail from Angie at The Outfit, a children's store in California. Her e-mail was an inquiry about wholesale! I thought I was rockin' when I got to have my products in Broadway Paper and now I could possibly be in two stores! Bring on the happy dance times ten! I let her know that I will send her sample products and a catalog in the mail soon. The catalog is almost complete, as I have been diligently working on it to send out to lots of other stores! I just need a cover design and then it is ready to be sent out!

To celebrate Cody brought my take out from No.1 Chinese and a bottle of campaign. It was absolutely the sweetest thing ever!

There is no way that I could have ever imagined any of this! It is all so much fun and way too exciting! So, this is me, tooting my own horn and doing my happy dance!


A Tribute to Charles and Ray Eames

This is my favorite chair. There are quite a few things in life that you can look at and say, “I’ve made it.” This chair might just be one of them. I went into Design Within Reach the other day and got so giddy when I saw the molded plywood chair. I would most likely want the finish shown above, but I was quite fond of the red stained chair that was displayed in the store.

Apparently my love for Mr. and Mrs. Eames is all over etsy too! Just look at the great designs that I found...

Pretty much everything that I have seen in avrilloreti's shop is too cute! This set is for four cocktail napkins. I love that she included some other designs in the set too.

I find this pendent from chocolate and steel totally ironic and totally beautiful. For starters, the appeal of the chair is in the beautifully molded wood. By contrast, this pendent is anything but natural. The clash of the materials is just beautiful!

I have had my eye on this print for who knows how long! There is a spot at the top of the staircase that keeps shouting "you NEED this print!" And I think I do. This gilcee print from Jenn Ski is the perfect addition to any home.

I have actually bought a set of these for my little bro's birthday this year. He turned 21 and I thought coasters would be the perfect addition to his "bar." Modern Printed Matter printed these modern chairs onto cork. Perfect for your coffee table...


sweet etsy finds no. 2

Sarah and Abraham is one of the shops that really sucked me into etsy and the do-it-yourself community. I have never met Sara, the owner and designer of Sarah and Abraham, but I would absolutely love to have a chance to get to meet her.

I started following Sara's blog back in March, I think. As a budding entrepreneur, I found her blog to be extremely inspirational. She discusses her products, her home, and (my favorite) the business of selling and creating paper goods. She is really open about sharing her business venture with anyone who is interested. While I can't even imagine how busy she must be as a "mompreneur" she still manages to write a little here and there that really help out the newbies, like me!

As of right now, she has 1,343 sales on her etsy site. I just can't wait until I make it to 10 sales! Sarah and Abraham has recently launched its own site! You can visit it here.

The site turned out absolutely beautiful! Is is designed by Aeoldia, who always creates the most amazing e-commerce websites. I am particularly fond of All-Mighty's site...they have the cutest Boston Terrier illustrations!

I highly encourage everyone to check out Sarah and Abraham. I haven't actually purchased any of her products, since I really don't know anyone with any little kiddos. Luckily, there are a few ladies that I think will need some Sarah and Abraham pretty soon!

Happy Shopping...


Happy Friday

Since Macey got to wish everyone a happy Friday last week, I thought it was only appropriate that Tilly do the same.

Tilly and I will be very busy this weekend working on some paintings and shopping for a Halloween costume. It is just around the corner, you know...

So anyways, Happy Friday to all!


I'm Rockin' at the Broadway Paper!

After much anticipation and lots of hard work, emilee rose is now being sold at Broadway Paper! It's one of those things where I had this idea back in February. I had the idea to create my own line of products and thought "I wonder if they would be good enough to sell at Broadway Paper?"

Apparently they are, and I couldn't be happier. Everyone I talk to just says "it's starting..."

I do hope this is just the beginning for much, much more to come!!!

Ok, so not only are my products being sold in a store, but someone actually bought two sets of paper dolls. As I was doing my daily work, I was called by Sarah, who said "hey, there is someone buying your product!" I just had to come out and see for myself. It was true! There she was, if only I knew her name, buying an Anna set and a Natalie set. I could hardly contain my excitement!

After thanking her for buying my products, I went to the back room and did a little happy dance. I just couldn't hold it in any longer!

My First Etsy Sale

That's right! My first sale!!! It was the best feeling ever to stamp and ship off my products.



Macey wants to wish everyone a happy Friday and a good weekend, too!



There has just been a huge listing in the shop. I highly suggest that you take a look...

sweet etsy finds!

I am still not quite sure where I stumbled ac cross these, but they have to be the cutest stinkin' felt pouches I have ever seen! They are made by suezybees. I particularly like her name and the way that it's not just your typical "suzy." (You know I have to be a fan with the name "emilee" and not "emily") She creates these little pouches and felt postcards all by hand. They are absolutely exquisite!

Any who, I'm pretty sure that someone is going to get this for Christmas. I highly recommend her shop!


Grand Opening!!!!!!!!!

I am pleased to announce that the shop is finally open! Above is an e-card that I highly encourage everyone to send to their friends! Please e-mail me at emileerosedesigns@gmail.com if you would like the original file to send.

There are currently only a few items listed. Please check back daily for more items!

I started listing items last night. When I went to bed, I only had Anna listed (and Tracie's wholesale order.) When I woke up this morning, I already had a convo from BusyNothings telling me that she loved the paper doll set! She also pointed out a typo that I still need to fix. After reading countless articles on the storque, I really did not expect to get any attention until after I sent out a mass e-mailing to all of my friends and family. It was the most exciting news to wake up to!

Also, the e-card explains this, and it is also explained in my shop, but in order to encourage more sales I have decided to run a "tell a friend" special from now until forever (or until I say so!) The way that it works is that you just have to tell your friends about emilee rose and tell them to shop! Refer 5 friends to emilee rose and receive a free gift! It’s simple! At checkout, just have your friends put “referred by” and your name along with your e-mail address in the comments to seller. Once five different people refer you, I will contact you to get your shipping information for your free gift! Please note that your friend must purchase an item from the shop in order to qualify for your free gift!


I know...

It has been pretty much FOREVER since I have blogged! Who knew this blogging thing was actually a commitment? Well after a long phone call with my Mr. Fix-it-Man, aka dad, I now have the Internet on my computer and I can actually be a little bit more diligent about posting. I have thought about giving myself a posting schedule, such as business on Mondays, DIY projects on Tuesdays, and so on. Though, that seems like an even bigger commitment than just trying to post any ol' blog everyday!

Needless to say, I am here now and I am here for good!

Today was a pretty awesome day...I placed my first wholesale order for emilee rose! The lovely Tracie at Broadway Paper bought my goodies for her store. AMAZING! There will be quite a big posting soon of my products to buy in the web shop. Until then, I will leave you with some more teasers!

Above are three packs of paper dolls sets.

polka-dotted peppermint gift tags. The only way these could be any cuter is if they were scratch-n-sniff!
A few warm wishes with winter accessories. If only it was appropriate for me to keep my mittens on a string...
And last, but not least, a page from my 2009 wall calendar! I like the May illustration the best because the little girl is holding a Calico kitty, just like Rosebud (my very first kitty!)