megaphone lovin'

I am totally lovin' the megaphone right now! I just posted some mini-greetings in the shop. Each set of cards come with three mini greetings. These are perfect to throw in a gift or slip in your friend's purse. They are also perfect to put in your child's lunch box.
There are two custom invitations also available to buy in the shop. They are the boy and girl version of the Party Time invites...two kids with megaphones!
Hope you enjoy


Billy Reid's Custom Suiting Event Invitation

My little brother is pretty much awesome. He works at Billy Reid, a men's clothing store, in the Houston Galleria. Well, apparently Mr. Billy Reid was going to be in the store for a couple of days designing and creating custom suites. Gibson (my brother) suggested that I design the invitations for the event! His manager contacted me the following day and from there, I designed the invitations.

The store has an antique feel mixed with a strong sense of Southern living. I choose to display the event's details in various antique frames and "hung" them on a damask pattered background. I would have loved to use Waste Not's Red envelopes, but due to a time crunch, I just picked up some envelopes from Hobby Lobby.

Gibson's manager loved the way the invitations turned out and I did too! Thanks for the job, Gibby!


Happy Birthday Balloons!

Here are just a few more invitations that will be available soon!


holiday handmade- part two

As I mentioned in my previous post, my co-workers and myself decided to give the gift of handmade this year! Check out the lovely gifts that I received.

A gift from Sarah

Sarah hand knit this beautiful scarf! It is so warm and so soft. Seriously, when I first felt it, I wanted to snuggle up with it in bed! I wore it many times in Milwaukee's bitter cold winter. The thing I love most about it is that it is long enough to wrap around my neck three times! Super cute and practical!

A gift from Lisa

Lisa always throws the most fun get togethers. All of her girl friends are tons on fun to be with and the food is always amazing! Knowing how much we all like her cooking, she made us all little recipe cards of her "signature" dishes. My favorites are her cheesy potatoes and her Red Lobster biscuits!

A gift from Heather

Heather gave another beautiful hand made scarf, a la Martha Stewart. It's not as warm as Sarah's, but it sure is fashionable! And, I must say, I love the color!

A gift from Nellie

Nellie's gift seemed to never end! She is our graphic designer and she was able to put her talents to good use. She made a whole coordinating desk set! She designed a list pad with a personalize picture, a pencil cup, personalized stationery, and cute matching desk clips inspired by Susy Jack. She even choose the exact same paper that I have used to decorate my house. Remember the magnet board? It's perfect!

A gift from Katie

What a fabulous idea! Katie was able to get her hands on some cut metal and created a recipe card holder from it. She even made personalized magnets for each one. Could she and Lisa have exchanged gift ideas? Because their gifts work perfectly together!

A gift from Tracie

OK, so Tracie didn't necessarily follow the handmade rule, but she did get me something that I can use to make more handmade items! Truth be told, I was having a pretty crummy day before our holiday party. To cheer me up, Tracie told me that she couldn't wait to give my my gift. What could it be? What did I want? Well, I knew I did not want anything in particular, so my guess was as good as any. I literally jumped out of my seat when I opened it! I love it so much!

And I really loved ALL of the gifts that I received. Each one was created or purchased with thought and love. I couldn't ask for anything more. I truly worked with some of the most amazing ladies that I have ever met.


Welcome Back!

I have finally settled into Texas and am ready to get working again! Well, I have actually been settled in for a while now, but it has taken some time to get out of my "vacation mode." Every time I visit my parents, it has been a little mini-vacation. I keep having to remind myself that this is now my home.

I am on a designing kick, which is super good! I have a couple of invitations that I have been working on for emilee rose. The envelopes are on order and should arrive next week. Once I have those in hand, I will be able to put them up in the shop. Until then, here's a sneak peak!