goodbye 2008, hello 2009

It seems rather strange that 2008 just flew by. There were so many things that happened this past year to which I am thankful:

  • I graduated from college. And while I may not be using my degree (at the current time) I did get that wonderful piece of paper and hung it proudly in my office.
  • I fell in love.
  • I started emilee rose! It all started just the week after my thesis exhibition. While everyone at school was pounding away at their final design, I finished mine in the nick of time, just so that I could keep drawing and painting. I can see that it has paid off.
  • I celebrated my 22 birthday. Nothing really exciting happens at 22, but I celebrated anyways.
  • I got a full time job doing something that I love. How many people can say that?
  • I sold my products to stores and have build a (small, but promising) little emilee rose following.
  • I successfully get around town with out a car and have greatly reduced my carbon footprint by not driving that beast of an SUV.
  • I finally got to live on my own. I have always lived with a roommate or two and it is quite nice to have a home to call my own.
  • I got to take Tilly to the doctor's office two time and she caused me to go to the doctor's office one. While I not greatfull for the events that lead to going to the doctor, I am greatfull for such an odd and adventurous little kitty.
  • I flew to Texas for Christmas to spend time with la familia.

And now 2009. I sure hope that you are just as exciting as the previous year! These are just a few of the things that I am looking forward to this coming year:

  • I am moving to Texas! In just a month, Tilly and I will be making our way to where the stars at night glow big and bright.
  • All of the opportunity that emilee rose brings. Part of the reason for the move is to really focus on my work and to promote and market myself as much as possible!
  • Spending more time with my family.

And that's about it. emilee rose will be on hiatus until the move so that I can focus on building my line, packing, and moving!

Happy New Year to all!