why i hate kinkos

I suppose in their defense, I should have not even taken my product there and just waited until Monday to take all of my product to a more professional printer. But with only a week and a half until the show, I figured that this weekend could be spent packaging and photographing all of my product. Instead, I now get to spend my weekend RE-PRINTING all of my product.

Problem No. I: All of my thank you notes were cut incorrectly. This is all I saw when the Kinko's employee brought out my products. I drew out a guide for them so that they would know exactly where to cut. Rather than looking at my guide (which was a sketch, obviously NOT to scale) and looking at the orientation of my product, he began to cut the product with the guide on top, in the wrong direction, mind you. AND rather than making ONE cut incorrectly, he proceeded to continue cutting my product. Thus leaving me with approximately 300 prints now ruined.

Problem No. II: The kinkos employee did not ever read my guide. He cut according to the sketch. So even if the guide was in the correct orientation, he cut the product 5" wide as opposed to 5 1/2" wide. And I really like how the guide is cut to 5" wide, but is clearly still showing my handwriting, as 5 1/2"

Problem No. III: According to another Kinkos (who we went to speak with because NO ONE that worked at the horrible Kinkos would speak to my mom and me) the Greenbriar Kinkos' cutting machine was not working that day. See below.

The man that cut my stock didn't even apologize to me as I tried to explain to him that this is not some side project that he just screwed up. He did not apologize or even sound remorseful and I told him that he just ruined about $300 of my cost of goods and about 3 weeks of my time. All he did do, is give me a card and said that I have to come back on Monday and talk to Gary. Really? That is all that you can tell me???
So, Monday morning, my dad and I are going to speak with Gary. I am re printing everything today and taking it to Gary tomorrow. Gary will be giving me a refund for all of the materials that his employee has ruined (good thing I keep receipts!) as well as he will personally cut all of my new prints with me watching over his shoulder. And I want some thing else. Money, services, I don't care. Just something. In the mean time, I am back to printing and will keep everyone posted on what happens with Gary.


eye candy from the nss

Why I have not been reading ALL of the blog posts about the National Stationery Show is beyond my thinking right now. My mind has been doing flip-flops trying to finish up my website, designing my booth, and tying up all of my last minute odds and ends. Did I mention that I was couldn't fall asleep until 4am on Saturday night/Sunday morning? And not because I was being constructive and working on the show, but because I could not tell my brain to stop thinking about it!

I read TSJ Photography's blog quite frequently, and she was featured on Paper Crave. Tracie (remember, my best boss ever?) posted some gorgeous photos from the show this year. I was not able to attend but seriously wish that I could. And so, all I can do is drool over all of the photographs that I can find on-line.

I have my booth design pretty much squared away, but it never hurts to keep looking!

{image from Brooklyn Bride}

I absolutely LOVE these cards from Dutch Door Press and love the buttons they are hung on just as much! The baker's twine adds a super cute touch!

{image from Oh So Beautiful Paper}

Two Trick Pony's booth is still my favorite! I have settled on chocolate brown curtains for my walls and am thinking about doing wood panels just like these, but with a lighter stain. I also love the scallops on the bottom part of the curtain. So many things about this booth are very similar to what I have in mind...but on a totally different color scheme. Think chocolate and pink for my booth.

I'm crossing my fingers that the Dallas Finds show will be a hit so that maybe emilee rose will be at the NSS in 2010!

yummy cupcakes!

I have learned that making cupcakes makes me super happy. One of my mom's friends was throwing a bridal shower and needed to buy cupcakes. Who buys cupcakes anymore? They are the simplest thing to make! So, my mother offered that I could make them for her. Thanks, mom.

They turned out super cute. I used some cupcake liners from Hey Yo Yo for the mini cupcakes and simple white liners for the larger cakes.

I cheat on the cake part and use a mix. I really try to make all of my recipes from scratch, but for some reason, every time I make cake from scratch I fail miserably! Cookies and pies from scratch...I can rock that. But I do make my own icing. I took the Classic Buttercream Icing recipe from Wilton and made some slight variations:
  • 4 cups confectioner's sugar
  • 10 tablespoons of unsalted butter (softened)
  • 4 tablespoons of vegetable shortening
  • a pinch of salt
  • a couple of splashes of milk

I start by mixing all of the dry ingredients with the butter and shortening in an electric mixer. Then I add a splash of milk to start to bring it all together. I alternate from pouring milk and mixing until I get a nice icing consistency. It is delicious!