going to dallas!

I am so excited about this that I can hardly contain my joy! Coming up this June, emilee rose will be exhibiting in the Dallas Finds Gift Show! The show is in the World Trade Center and lasts over four days. Over 50,000 buyers from all over the world attend this show every year. And this show is HUGE! They have so many great vendors and over 500,000 square feet of space.

I have been planning to attend this show for many month's now, but just sent in my application about two weeks ago. They ask for a catalog of work and so I wanted to wait until I had enough new products to show. Natalie, the director of the Paper Finds portion of the show, contacted me last week about my booth options. I chose a booth right next to Design Design! They are a very established and well known company and I am going to be seeing all of their foot traffic! Hooray Hooray!

And while perusing through their website I found out that Motormouth Press exhibited there last year. (Talk about booth decor competition! See below.) This is what they had to say about the Dallas Show:

"You were right, our location was awesome! We had a lot of foot traffic... Thanks for a great experience at the Dallas Finds!" -- MotorMouth Press

And so now, I have LOTS of designing to do to complete my product line and then the super fun part comes when I get to design my booth!


diy wall art

I know I have seen this done all over the place, but I just can't seem to remember where! I needed something funky to hang above my bed. So I searched all over etsy for a great piece a art to hang there. No such luck. Granted I found A LOT of prints that I wanted, just none that screamed "I need to hang above your bed."

I ended up going to JoAnne's and picked out three different fabrics. I then stretched each of them into embroidering hoops. Then to give it some more pizazz, I cut out a little birdy and adhered it to the fabric with bonding fabric.

Super easy and super cheap! Total cost of product: $12.00. Total time spent on project (not including shopping time): 20 minutes!


a doll party for ella

Remember how my brother was able to get me that custom invitation job with Billy Reid? Well, that boy sure does know how to network for his big sis! He referred me to Leah, the owner of Tiny Heinies Clothing. She has tons of cute products for babies and kids. My favorites are the personalized super hero capes! What kid wouldn't want to be a super hero for a day?

Leah's daugter, Ella, has a birthday coming up soon and is throwing her a doll themed party. I created an illustration of Ella and a personalized party outfit for her. I put the paper doll on her invitations so that all of her friends could play with their very own Ella doll. Leah came up with the wording and the rest was up to me.

Leah also asked me to design some personalized notes for Ella and her son, Tucker. I've done quite a bit of little girl illustrations, but this was my first illustration of a little boy! I was really pleased with how it all came together!


lots of newbies coming soon!

I've been hard at work painting, drawing, and designing. Out of a large stack of cards, I have just a few samples above. Looks like there will be quite a big shop update in about a week!

These last couple of weeks have flown by. I started a job at A Woman's Work almost four weeks ago. It is a breast feeding and maternity boutique in the Rice Village. I have learned more about women, breasts, and babies than I ever thought that I would! That is, until I have one of my own, of course.

Every spare moment is spent working on emilee rose. My goal is to have the 2009 catalog complete by mid-May. There is a good reason for this that I am going to keep a secret for now. Let's just say that the application is in the mail...