golden slippers gocco print

This pretty print just came in the mail for me from Flower Press.
I am totally in love and can't wait to get it framed...if only I had a place to put it!


rachel's bridal shower

Rachel's shower was such a delight! So many of her friends and family traveled all over the country just to see her. The rest of the bridesmaids and I worked on planning her a shower all through e-mail! I don' t know how it all came together but it turned out so nice. We were all so thrilled to be there...and I am pretty sure that Rachel had a good time.

Above is a picture of Rachel (holding the flowers) and all her her lovely ladies.

We did and made everything for the party ourselves. Rachel and I worked on making the flower arrangement, though Rachel took it up a notch with the long leaves.

I made little favor bags full of homemade trail mix.

Ali created this gorgeous fruit tray....I do believe that she may have found her new calling with this. We asked her to "cut up the fruit and throw it on the tray." And this is what she came up with! Fab-U-lous!

Rachel's future Mother-in-law is a cakestress. She made this beautiful cake with our sunflower theme in mind. Not only was it so pretty, but it might have been one of the best cakes that I have ever tasted. We only had a measly 4 pieces left to take home!

Overall, it was such a nice day and everyone had such a good time!


thank you cards in the shop

All 6 of my thank you cards are now available in the shop!

my new car!

I am an official grown-up now! (well, I guess I've been an official grown-up for a while now...)
I am now the proud owner of a Hyundai Elantra. Ooh la la!