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etsy finds: for the yogi in you

At the beginning of this year, I started practicing yoga in my living room. About a month ago, I took the plunge and started going to classes.

A note to newbies: At home yoga is NOTHING like going to a studio. I am glad that I started at home to get a feel for the poses, but the pace and temperature at the studios was something new. Not that it's bad, I actually love going to classes now! I try to go at least twice a week to vinyasa classes and I'm now getting muscles in places I didn't even know a muscle existed. It's pretty awesome.

So, what is one to do when they pick up a new hobby? See what Etsy has for me! Below are some fun yoga products that I would love to own!

Clockwise from top center:
Yoga Mat Cleaner from Horenda Herbal.
Lotus Pranayama Breath Necklace from Zen Muse.

Laksmi top from Kaya Yoga Ware.
Yoga Fridge Magnets from Snowdon.
The Urban Yogi Mat Bag from Sundara.


help! vote for your favorite doll!

It's about that time of year again. I need to get a movin' on the 2011 Paper Doll Calendar! Last year's calendar had Emilee. I plan on bringing her back and updating the calendar, but I also am going to create a whole new calendar with a different doll and new outfits.

This is where I need your help! Which little lady should be featured in the 2011 Calendar? I would greatly appreciate if you would leave a comment below with your pick and to ask your friends to do the same! Who knows, maybe there will be a calendar giveaway with your favorite doll??





Second question...do the boys need a calendar? My first thought is no, but maybe I'm wrong?


paper doll feature!

I always love when other people love emilee rose's paper dolls just as much as I do. I received a message from Suzy, the senior writer at Babyology, that my dolls were featured.

Not only is it an honor to be mentioned on this blog, but I was mentioned along side some artists that I really admire! What a nice way to start my week!

You can read the full post here.


oh, warby parker!

I am in need of new glasses. Badly. While I do love my blue frames, I have had them for 4 years. That means that their "coolness" is no longer legit.

Searching for new frames is just about the most obnoxious thing ever and I am afraid that it is time for the hunt.

That is where Warby Parker comes in. Their frames are absolutely amazing. And they are pretty inexpensive, too. I would like the following, please and thank you.


antique store pictures

Found all of these fun pictures from an antique store in my neighborhood. I have no idea what it is called, but there is a sign out front that reads "Antiques." It's on Heights Boulevard near 11th.



pom-pom wreath

A while back, I found this idea for some DIY pom-pom balls. After the whole project was all said and done, I realized that I could have save myself a lot of time by making the circles larger, as in the post. Oh well. What's done is done, right?

I stared with a foam wreath and 1.5 yards of fabric. I found some nice blue fabric in the sale bin for $5.00 a yard. They were also having a sale, so the fabric was actually an additional 50% off. Oh, how I love to save!

I then proceeded to cut out about a billion 1.5" circles.

I started to glue the circles to the wreath. About half way through, I ran out of fabric. So, this project actually calls for 3 yards of fabric!

I also started this thinking that it would be an afternoon project that may need to be finished up throughout the week. I was DEAD wrong. This tedious little project took over a month to complete. Every time I sat down to watch TV, I plugged in the glue gun and got to work. I calculated that I could do about 10 square inches in about an hour. Sheesh.

But it turned out beautifully! And the color is a fun pop on top of the light aqua wall.


Adios, Speedy

Me and Speedy, 2006ish

Speedy was a good pet. When I was little, I became obsessed with turtles. The natural thing to do was get one for a pet. For my 10th birthday, I got to go to Petsmart, pick out my turtle, buy a tank and all of the fixins and take my speedy home. When I got him he fit in my hand and was probably about 4" wide. Just a baby.

I knew that turtles outlive humans and that Speedy, a Red Eared Slider, would grow to be very large. I had this assumption that Speedy would come to college with me (that didn't happen) and that I would buy a house after college and build a giant pond in the back yard (also did not happen).

Speedy is not far too large to live in an aquarium and really needs more space and attention than I, or my parents, can give him. My parents have been so wonderful to keep him for the past 6 years and take care of him. But it is time for him to move on.

This past Saturday, my dad and I wearily took him to the SPCA's Wildlife Center. I'm so thankful that my dad came with me, because I could not keep it together. I know that he's a turtle and has never shown ANY sort of affection towards me, but he was still my first pet.

The people there were all very nice. First they told me that Speedy was obese! I had no idea I could have a fat turtle!?! But they assured me that he was very well fed and well taken care of. Speedy with go to the home of a lady that rehabilitates turtles and once they are ready, sets them free. The SPCA gave me the lady's e-mail address so that I can check on the progress of Speedy.

As difficult as it was so say goodbye, I know that he will be very happy to have space to swim and to have friends--and maybe a lady friend to make babies with--to play with.