matching mommy and macey

Look what Cody found in the dollar bin at Target!


tilly's holiday photo shoot

I still haven't come up with a design for my holiday card this year, but I like to put a photo of Tilly on it. These are some pictures from her photo shoot this year.

Any favorites?

holiday crafts

Erika and I sat around at Hifi Cafe, drinking our apple cider (which is by far the best apple cider in town) wondering what to do next on a chilly Sunday afternoon. Michael's? Sure...why not.

Neither of us intended to get anything. I wanted ribbon, but that was about it. Little did we know the entire store was on sale! Well, maybe not the whole store, but all of the Christmas goodies were at least 40% off. How could we pass that up?!

Erika found these little pots on super clearance. So we filled up our baskets with tiny bits of glittered jewels (also on sale) and created cute little arrangements for the holidays.

I have decorated the house in silvers and blues for this holiday season and so mine is the (mostly) silver arrangement. Erika went with more traditional colors and added an adorable little bird.