emilee rose featured on paper crave

I am so honored to be featured in Paper Crave's Valentine Day Card Roundup!

I cannot believe that I am featured alongside such great designers! Thanks so much, Paper Crave!!

You can check out the post here.


itchin' to move

This apartment of mine is become more and more difficult to live everyday....

My upstairs neighbors like to have loud get togethers and listen to awful music (think Creed and Nickelback) way too loud. My next door neighbors have done nothing wrong, though the walls in this complex are so paper-thin that I can hear every part of their conversation. Ok, ok...so that is just what happens when you live in apartments, I know.

But the plumbing issues are becoming too much to deal with. My toilet has overflowed on numerous occasions due to a loose screw on the back of the bowl. When this happens, all of the water (clean water--thank goodness!) from the tank pours out all over the bathroom floor. This issue has never gotten fixed....

Now for the past week, I have had a bowl in my kitchen to catch the water that is dripping from a broken pipe. I call and call and call..."we'll come by and fix it." Then tell me why I still have to have a bowl to catch all of the leaking water? It is highly frustrating.

And the worse part is that the inside of my apartment is actually super cute!

There are these two random cut-outs between the living room and bedroom. Tilly loves to scale the wall in the bedroom to chill out in this space. I know it's cheesy, but Tilly was named after the band Tilly and the Wall. I think it's pretty funny how this is Tilly in the wall!

And I looooove this ledge. It's perfect for displaying art and photos. But I will have to say goodbye...as cute as this apartment is, I need a quieter, cleaner, nicer and more responsive place to live. I've been looking into garage apartments in The Heights and went to look at one yesterday. While the space itself was WAY too small for all of my stuff, I fell in love....can't wait to move!


new valentine's in the shop!

I have just added some new valentine cards in the shop! I can hardly believe that I've added them on time this year! There are standard, greeting card sized valentines as well as small valentine's...perfect for your kid to take to school!


bed + bedding love

This bedroom set belonged to my mother when she was very young. The entire set became mine as soon as I grew out of my crib and moved into my "big girl bed." I love this bed. I love the dresser too, though it is too large to maneuver into my bedroom at my current apartment. (Otherwise a photo of it would be included as well.) This bed has shockingly been used almost my whole life--with the exception of my teenage years.

To give it a new look, I painted it teal when I was a sophomore in college. I often wonder why my mother let me paint such a nice antique therefor depreciating its value. Though, what would it matter? We would never dream of selling this set. It's somewhat of an heirloom piece. My uber girly four-post bed has not been dressed well for a couple of year's now. I have the most difficult time making a decision when it came to bedding. And so, it wore overly worn sheets, mismatched pillows, and an over sized king comforter until the miracle of Christmas.

I'd had my eye on this set after watching the Target Thanksgiving commercial. This was the set that I needed. Pretty. Clean. Girly. Perfect. And as silly as it may sound, I'm so excited to have pillow shams again! It really does complete the look. Underneath the gorgeous pintucked comforter are very soft light blue bamboo sheets. They are amazing!

Having such a pretty bed sure does make it difficult to ever want to get out. As you can see, Tilly has become quite fond of the bedding as well. She pretty much sleeps there all day and takes brakes to try to bite off the buttons.


2010, bring it on...

Happy New Year to all!

I can hardly believe that the year is over. Just like every year they fly by SO fast. Though, I am pretty sure that today might have been the most productive day I've had in quite a while...hoping that was just a glimpse of my motivation for 2010.

After a very low-key New Year's Eve, I was able to wake up at a reasonable hour this morning to start my day. I make some great baking powder biscuits, brewed my coffee and began my plan of attack. I cleaned my entire apartment from top to bottom...dusting every surface, disinfecting every counter, and putting everything in it's place. Not only did I clean the visible parts of my apartment, but I also cleaned and organized my closets and cabinets. I have a large closet in my hallway that has become the I-don't-feel-like-putting-this-away closet and has collected anything and everything that I just don't want to deal with. Today, I dealt with it.

Resolution #1: Clean and organize apartment--check.

Then I worked out a little bit. While I know that this is pretty much on everyone's list of resolutions, I feel pretty confident that I can keep this up. I started working on this resolution two weeks ago, realizing that "I'll start tomorrow/next week/ next year," has always been my excuse. No reason to wait, right? I hit up Marshall's and got a yoga mat and some simple video's and have been very diligent about my 20 minutes exercises.

Resolution #2: Get in shape--check.

And now I'm sipping on my newest addiction (Aveda's Comforting Tea,) about to start working on the new paper dolls and valentine's cards. All in all, a pretty great way to start this new decade!