ph designs in the knot!

Last night a coworker and I attending a wedding networking event sponsored by The Knot. Honestly, we didn't stay too long, but the food was fabulous! I couldn't get enough of the
Saint Arnold beer battered asparagus and mini Brie grilled sandwiches!

We picked up a copy of the Fall issue of The Knot Texas (yes, we are big enough that we get our own magazine) and PH Design Shop was featured in one of their weddings! You can see it below in the bottom corner. And just as a little nod to myself, I did not design the invitation suite, but I did lay out the program. We are all pretty excited here at work!


new vintage finds

It may come as no surprise, but I have been scouting out some new yellow pieces for my kitchen and have found some pretty fun things!

1960's yellow rock's glasses with gold rim

I have absolutely no use for rocks glasses, but they were just so cute, I had to have them. They were found at the Guild Shop in Montrose.

A fun yellow tray with removable trays

This was a lovely gift from my friend Sarah. It was found on etsy, but I completely forgot to save the seller's information. (Hey Sarah, do you remember?)

Plastic Ice Bucket

I'm having a party in a couple of weeks and wanted a cute ice bucket to keep the champagne chilled. This was found at Retropolis in the Heights.


little miss cupcake!

This past Saturday was White Linen Night in the Heights. All of the shops, galleries, and restaurants had specials and sales.

There was also a HUGE craft show (that I totally should have done, and it never crossed my mind!) Although, the weather was SO hot, that I don't know if it would have been worth it. It was a good sunny, 100% humidity, 100 degree kind of day--aka. miserable--and all of the vendors did not look like they were having too much fun.

Because of the heat, there were free water bottles everywhere. They really pushed staying hydrated. I was very thankful for that.

It was also a fun night because I got to spend it with my good friend, Katie. We've known each other since elementary school, but didn't really become friends until middle school. With both of our crazy schedules, it's hard for us to find time to see each other.

White Linen Night was the perfect Girls Night!

And check this out. Cupcake trailers!

This is all just another reason why my neighborhood totally rocks!



Back to school sale! The entire emilee rose shop is buy one get one free!

Start shopping!

never too much aqua...

As some of you may have read via twitter, I painted my living room two weekend's ago. Even though I have no idea how long I will live in this house, I thought it would be worth it to improve the "mood" in my house. It is now very bright and chipper.

My dad pointed out that it even makes the room feel cooler. It's all in our head, but the ice blue does remind me of non 100 degree temperatures.


kickin' it old school treasury

I just received a lovely message from mud and twig about their newest treasury featuring emilee rose! Check it out here.