welcome to my neighborhood: buchanan's native plants

Part of moving to a new part of town is getting out to explore. The Heights is FULL of cute little mom and pop shops, locally owned jems, and unique finds. Just down the street from me is an adorable nursery called Buchanan's Native Plants. This place is HOPPING on the weekends with lots of young people and families. It is the perfect destination for all of your plant needs (when you choose not to go to the giant box stores.)
I love that Buchanan's has a whole section of cactus! I'm dying to get one but am thinking of a place where the little kitty will not get injured trying to play with it...
As some of you may have read on my twitter, I have recently started a small little garden in my backyard (a post about that to come.) Buchanan's was a great place to get started. Once my plants grow, I can't wait to reward myself with a little treat like the uber-cute beehives below!
Besides a full nursery, Buchanan's has a great gift shop. They carry everything from candles to books to jewelry to decor. There are lots of fun finds in the little yellow house buried behind all of the plants!


my new home in houston's historic heights!

I moved to the Heights at the very end of March and have been settling in quite nicely. In comparison to my last apartment (which I hated) this new apartment is AMAZING. It is a one bedroom, lower unit in a four-plex. The kitchen is quite large...and yellow! How perfect?

There is hardwood floors throughout the house, except the kitchen and bathroom have black and white checkered tiling.

I still have a lot that I want to do/buy/make in my new house, but for now, this is what I have come up with!

Living Room:

This mini-door in the living room leads to an enormous walk-in closet, with shelves lining two of the walls.

The best part of this house: the windows! They are huge and they are everywhere! Tilly has never been so happy to watch all of the birds and squirrels play outside.


This dresser is one of my favorite pieces of furniture that I own. Surprisingly, all of my furniture that I have now was a part of my very first "big girl" bedroom. I just gave it a nice bright coat of turquoise paint to update the look.

A second dresser, part of my nursery! I refinished this a few years ago.


Cutest bathtub ever.

Kitchen and Dining Room:

A detail of my bar. I love the grey laminate with the yellow walls!

My little dining area. Perfect for a couple of friends for brunch!

And that is a snapshot of my new place! I learned some new photoshop skills and am a little obsessed with "aging" my photos, so I hope that it's not too distracting!

You can visit my flickr to see a complete set of photographs around my house.


Color Career Counselor: I'm a Doer.

I found this nifty quiz via The Order of Things (I believe, but of course, I cannot find the exact link.) This quiz has you choose your favorite and least favorite colors and by doing so tells you what type of career would suite you best.

According to this quiz, I am a Doer and an Organizer. I don't think I really needed a quiz to tell me that.

The keywords of a Doer: Emotionally Stable, Reliable, High Energy, Practical, Thrifty, and Persistent.


It's pretty fun. Take the quiz yourself here!