Friday's Fabulous Find

While I am not a home owner yet, this is my very first “grown-up” rental property. I decided that I would do everything possible to not live in a college-y looking appartment. I knew that I lived in a “grown-up” house when I decided to buy matching towels! Ooh lala!

Anyways, I needed a couch for my new home. I had always lucked out with oommates that supplied the couch. So when I moved last June, I found myself couch-less. On an excursion to the antique store I found this couch. This beautiful couch. The employee of Fox Search Light Gallery said that it was just droppped off to the store. It was in perfect condition as if the previous owner had kept in safe under a plastic covering. Thanks to the help of my mom, who also understood that I needed this couch, it became mine!

It is originally from the sixties and is upholstered in royal blue dupioni silk.

Keep in mind that is was in pristine condition until the lovely Tilly decided to add her own personal touch.


A Little More Decor!

I was so excited when these wrapping papers came in from Cavallini! I bought the vintage Chicago map and the vintage Paris map and framed them in a frame from IKEA. They add a little something-something to the hallway.


Hurricane Ike

photo above by Tammie Hall (aka. mom)

My dad sent me pictures today of Hurricane Ike. I couldn't believe what I saw. Most of the pictures were of flooding and of damage. There were tons of trees and limbs on the ground. In one photo, there was a telephone booth laying on its side.

I cannot even image what it is like to be on the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of the storm. I have been so worried about my parents and the rest of the people affected by Ike. Though, I am so greatful that nothing truly bad happened to my parents or friends.

My mother took the beautiful picture above on the night after the storm. She and I did not retouch the photo at all. While Ike may not be on the news anymore, there are still many people that are having to deal with the aftermath. Over 600,000 people are still without power, including my parents. The schools are still closed. Offices are still closed.

All of the victims of Hurricane Ike are in my thoughts and prayers. If you would like to read more about Hurricane Ike and the aftermath, please visit Houston's main news station here.

My New Toy!

I was under the assumption that all scanners were alike. Boy, was I wrong! I was using Cody’s HP all in one and my scans appeared to be fluorescent. So I decided that it was time for me to invest in a new scanner. Since I was in the market for an Epson printer, I went with their all-in-one. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to share the beautiful images that it produces!



a little sneak peak...

I'm currently working on a 2009 calendar for the shop. Here's a little preview:

the perfect organizer

I love to be organized but I am super picky and on a pretty tight budget. And not like "decorating under $100," but more like "decorating under $10." And so I made these. I took cardboard out of the recycling at work to create the boxes, thus making part of my endeavor free and reused! Then I decided on the blackberry paper from Snow & Graham that I purchased from work with my sweet discount (making it super cheap!)

So I made custom boxes and then adhered the paper to the boxes. I put an eyelet at the top to hang which I also got for free thanks to the best boss ever! I love the way they turned out! They are perfect for storing all of my miscellaneous office and crafting supplies!

it's always sunny in philly

As I mentioned in my mini bio, I love TV. Seriously, I do other things like clean and craft, but always with the TV on in the background. This is by far my favorite show. The 3rd season finally came out last Tuesday and Cody and I have already watched the whole season. I highly recommend this show, but I will warn you: it is highly inappropriate. Watch at your own risk.

yellow art wall

I have begun a mini collection of art that is hung in my kitchen. The kitchen is decorated in anything and everything that is yellow! So, obviously my art collection is pretty yellow. The print on the top left is actually a letterpress card from Delphine. The little houses print is my newest etsy purchase from the black apple.

I have still yet to find anything that is worthy of hanging on this magnet board. I participated in a craft fair at Fernwood Montesory School back in April. My friend, Kellie, put together the whole shindig and even featured some of her own work. She makes these amazing magnet boards from wrapping paper and vintage frames. I had done a painting of her daughter as a sample for my booth. Kelly is a fan of bartering, so I just traded her my painting for the cutest magnet board ever! She made this one with Elum paper that she bought from Broadway Paper.

This print is probably one of my favorite because it was my first ever purchase from etsy! It is a letterpress print from Paper Stories.