stationery kits from ph design shop

With the summer approaching, lots of kiddos will be headed to camp and I wanted to share these adorable stationery kits from ph design shop. These kits are seriously adorable and the perfect gift to give you child that's about to go off to camp.

Each kit comes with:
25 loose sheets of personalized paper
15 envelopes
15 postage stamps
15 return address labels
3 matching icon buttons
1 bull clip
1 clipboard backer
2 #2 pencils with eraser

No wee ones? or just want a stationery kit for yourself? They also have K.I.T. (That's "Keep in Touch.) It comes with all of the same pieces but in a more adult-friendly version.

You can get one for the campster here and one for yourself here.


Gorgeous Design :: JUXTAPOSED : Power

I stumbled across this gem while flipping through the newest issue of Dwell magazine and am absolutely in love. There is no price on the website, which could only mean that is costs a fortune! But a girl can dream...


spring clutch from b.bags

Every first Saturday, the Heights goes nuts. Lots of shops have great sales. Pet adoption foundations come out and line Heights Boulevard with puppies. And over on 19th Street, the First Saturday Arts Market is going on.

I try to make it every month as there are always new vendors to scope out. A couple of months ago, b. bags founds its way into the market. Her products were absolutely adorable (and SO me,) but of course, I could not spend any extra money at that time.

To my wonderful surprise, b. bags was back at the Art Market today!

Needing a new spring purse, I decided to help out a fellow crafter and purchased the little goodie below:

Adorable, right?

Not only is this cute little bag handmade and locally made, but all of her products are made from upcycled materials.

I'm pretty keen on my new find.

You can check out b. bags on etsy and you can also visit her blog.


mini garden

About three weeks ago, I started a tiny little itty bitty garden in my back yard. I wanted to start growing my own veggies and herbs, especially since fresh herbs are so dang expensive at the grocery store! After adding up all of the vegetables that I wanted to grow, I had to do a serious cut back and just start with a couple of pots.

I've planted summer squash (in the large pot) and basil and catnip (in the smaller pots)

Since I know absolutely nothing about gardening, I did a little research and found this super handy guide. From everything that I read about growing vegetables is that they need adequate draining. I added rocks to the bottom of the pot to help with the draining.

Soil was added on top of the rocks. I used Micracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix.

Then I planed all of my seeds and waited....

A week later, this is what I have!

This photograph was taken this past weekend. The squash is shooting up, growing about a half inch everyday. The basil and catnip are sllllooooowwwwwlllly coming up and may not be as successful. One is growing more than the other, but I have no idea which pot is which any more!

I'm thinking about adding a few more veggies soon, but I'll have to see if I get anything good to sprout first!