etsy finds: twilight

Before you start judging me, I know that the Twilight movies are silly. But I can't help it that they have sucked me in! In honor of Eclipse, which opens in theaters today, I thought I would see if Etsy had any items to celebrate. After sifting through LOTS of jewelry and items with pictures of Edward and Jacob, I found these fun little items:

1. Jacob Bracelet from Curly Rocks
2. Forks, Washington Postal Stamp from Dragonfly Curls
3. French Twilight Inspired T-Shirt from Coup
4. Twilight Coffee Mug from The Painting Libra
5. Fang Soap from KC Soaps n' More
6. Team Jacob Shirt from Royal Kane


pretty new chair

I LOVE my new chair...it is the perfect addition to my living room. I've been wanting to post a photo sooner, but I thought that it would be cuter if Tilly sat in it. And it is.

Checklist for being a successful designer:
Own a this Eames chair.



etsy craft party

Friday, June 18th was Etsy's 5th Birthday! To celebrate, they organized craft parties all over the world. Houston had one that, I thought, was a HUGE success! Sew Crafty was nice enough to host the party- which was super convenient for me, since it is located in the Heights!

There were craft stations all over the shop. My mom came with me as my date. We started the evening by grabbing snacks and I grabbed some beer donated by Saint Arnold Brewery. Upstairs were stations to fuse plastic bags and make framed memory boards. My mom and I choose the crafts that required the least amount of supplies to bring....

My mother and I cut the bags and prepped them for fusing.

This is me thinking "why didn't I think of bringing COOL bags, like her Forever 21 bag??"

Craft Fail. My iron was too hot...

So then we moved on to the rolled fabric flowers. I LOVED this! Now I want to make rolled flower accessories for every outfit I own!

The final product!

Thanks Etsy for the great party!