Lights in the Heights

Houston is really not my favorite place to live, but the Heights really is. It is the most amazing neighborhood in the city. Everyone here is so nice, and friendly, and it's the only part of Houston that has even attempted to preserve our history.

We are also one of the few neighborhoods that have frequent block parties. Lights in the Heights was by far the best one that I've been to, and I hate to say this...but it puts some of Milwaukee's festivals to shame! (gasp! I know...sorry!)

The whole area blocked off is around 3 blocks by 6 blocks. Most houses decorate with lots of lights, hence the name, and about every 10 houses was live music. You could hear everything from a not-s0-great high school garage band, to a Jewish couple singing old German songs while playing an accordion, to a bunch of retirees getting together with friends jamming out to classic rock songs. A central park was designated with a main music stage and food vendors. Most people bring a cooler on wheels and roam the street with their beer in tow.

The weather was a little odd...a light sweater provided enough warmth for a "cold Houston night."
Best part of the night: getting into a private party to dance to a super kickin' Cajun band! I lost their card so have no idea what there name, but if anyone reads this that knows, please let me know. We stopped as they started playing the Jambalaya (on the Bayou) song, which makes me proud of my swamp land roots (because Houston is a swamp) The party was sponsored by some company called "Kinetic Energy." I'm sure they get TONS of business during Lights in the Heights.
The photos aren't that great, but the night was!

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